Beautiful Homes (Late Summer 2007)


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Everyday Getaway

by Ethne Clarke
Photos by Michael Partenio

Blending a pool house into an established property often involves design challenges, but a for Connecticut architectural team, the prospect brought particularly high expectations. The earliest part of the main house on the Litchfield County property dates from 1750. But adjacent to it was a sizable meadow, which the homeowner felt was the perfect spot for a pool.

Architects Jimmy Crisp and Sandee Mahoney agreed. "The views are just terrific," Crisp says. Given the lovely setting, the owner reasoned the pool house could also work as a vacation home of sorts—one that was a short stroll away, up two flights of comely fieldstone steps.

Crisp turned to the main house for design inspiration. "It's a formal structure with clean, uncluttered lines, so it was obvious that a classical style would be best for the pool house," he says. Symmetrically arranged, attached columns define the main structure; pergolas at each end add formal balance. A standing-seam metal roof provides a timeless New England look. And wide French doors wrap three sides of the structure, creating the impression of a glass house filled with sunlight during the day and sparkling romantically when illuminated at night.

The jewel box design also allows for a seamless transition between indoors and out. To further that feeling, the floor and patio were constructed on the same level with bluestone flowing evenly between the spaces. When insects bother screens hidden in the door frames are rolled out.

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