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Design Process

In the Document Phase we prepare the project for construction by drafting the construction documents, which are the basis for the contractors’ bids.

We create a very comprehensive set of construction documents which include drawings and specifications. Each piece of the project is detailed and completely described in a way that avoids confusion and assures a competitive bid.

The areas covered in the construction documents begin below the ground and go to the peak of the roof. Every light switch, every window and door, each mechanical system, from dryer vents to the kitchen sink, is described in our documents.

Once our documents are complete, they can be sent to contractors for the bidding process. We help our clients choose the right contractor or construction manager for their project. Although we have had first hand experience with many contractors and construction managers and can usually offer some recommendations, it is not uncommon to work with contractors that are new to us and our clients. In that case we carefully review references and follow up by visiting previous work done by those contractors. We also make sure that the contractors fully understand the details of the project, so that their bids will be on target.

When the bids come in, we review them with our clients and offer our best advice. If adjustments need to be made in scheduling or scope of work, again we are there to expedite the process.

At the end of this phase nothing stands in the way for the construction to begin.

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