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Design Process

The goal in the Development Phase is to build upon the foundation established in the Design Concept. To that end the plans are refined and their levels of detail are increased. We perfect proportions, explore different materials, develop structural schemes and take the design to a more complete level on both the interior and exterior of the house. Every aspect of the design is looked at carefully.

Up to now our plans have remained 2-dimensional. Much like a composer writing down an orchestral composition first as notes on a piece of paper, we know how our designs will translate into living spaces. Nonetheless it is vital to hear how all the various instruments will harmonize before the big premier performance and to that effect we often create a 3-dimensional mass model of the design at this point. It not onlyallows us to actually see and touch the building, but it gives our clients the same opportunity. This greatly helps their understanding of the design. If desired we can also create computer models or photo realistic renderings at this point.

Our clients remain closely involved during this part of the process. The refined designs, 3-dimensional models and personal communication, help them in making and understanding important design decisions. Addressing all these details now, helps us and our clients avoid many design changes later on in the process, when those changes generally are more costly.

By the end of the Development Phase, the designs are firmly in place and we are ready to create the final working drawings and specifications.

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From a sketch to a detailed drawing.

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Detailed color drawing. 3-Dimensional Mass Model. Computer Generated Image (CGI). Computer Aided Design (CAD). Every detail counts. Take a close look
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